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Here I can share information about one of my hobbies….running.

Running has becoming one of my sporting hobbies, check out my story, experience and follow my progress through my site.

Running….and barefoot running Welcome !

Running …. the best way to relax !

Running has become one of my sporting hobby`s since 2008.

Mostly I just run for fun but sometimes I take part in running events which are always good fun and give me something to train for.

Good or bad weather, I don`t care....I just put my shoes on and run !

In 2010 I took on Barefoot running which has worked for me after a careful transition and training period.

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Barefoot running - why?

Tuesday 9th May 2017:

Trying to train 3 times a week now with various types of training.

After the last 2 running events I have decided to train more at my event running tempo. I find that this is having it`s results. Interval training is good, but doing tempo training at the right tempo for an event is also necessary.